Judge Judith Sheindlin, 72, is a powerful woman in her profession, however, hates to be considered a feminist, as she will fight for the rights of the deserving, not based on their gender. She began the media arena after being noticed for her no-nonsence and impeccable timing, and her ability to have personality even while dishing out the hard justice offenders required.

While not looking to slow down, Judge Sheindlin has taken a somewhat more social role with her fans, wanting to impart her knowledge and views to the public, in order to get them to learn the wisdom that life and law have taught her. One way is through her website, whatwouldjudysay.com, where she makes a brief video from her chamber discussing a topic a case might have bought up, where fans can respond. The other is a new free book she's written, explaining the life she's had and the lessons she found most important, called What Would Judy Say? Be the Hero of Your Own Story.

"In this book I want to have an honest conversation about what it really takes to get what you deserve out of life: how to define your worth and stick to it; how to find the courage to take risks–and how to build your backup plan; how to ignore the chattering classes and create your own destiny," she writes.

     In the book, Judge Sheindlin discusses the two careers she has followed, how success came to her -- with her help, and how her personality helped in her climb to fame. She also shares many anecdotes, wanting to not only share the lessons she found important, but also show how such a small thing can impact on our lives so heavily. Sometimes it really is the small things that count. An example was when a young litigant and lawyer who appeared on Judge Judy, who impressed the judge with great confidence and personality, was introduced to Judge Sheindlin's agent in the hopes of a book writing career. A meeting Judge Judy was excited to have someone to help who had lead such an interesting life. Unfortunately, the agent was concerned when the future protegee arrived with a T-shirt saying, F*** Yoga. Faith was lost, as her first impression was not favourable.

The novel gives many examples of the different beliefs and actions we can do to self-sabotage without even realising at times. Judge Judy shares her 10 Laws of Success, as she states,

     "Being succesful and happy in life isn't like falling off a log. It takes consiousness, skill and the willingness to work for it. . . I've found mself returning again and again to some key principles. . . .They are:

Be indispensable.
Think fearlessly and strategically.
Use your assets.
Don’t blow the first impression.
Lighten up.
Practice punctuality.
Create an interesting person.
Demand your worth.
Do the right thing.
Leave a footprint. "

Judge Judy goes through each rule, giving examples of how they transpose into actions and verbal cues that will empower you and give you the edge. She speaks from both an employer, employee, and potential worker, basing her thoughts from her different phases of life -- from wanting student, to stay-at-home mother (briefly), to qualified judge, and further on, as a TV personality and focused individual.

Will the book shatter your world and build you into a suddenly amazing person? No. This title is about confirming what you're doing right in gaining your professional worth and deserved roles, and working through any mistakes that might be holding you back. There won't be a sudden transformation or glowing light on you, but you will have ideas and skills to consider tweaking to improve your effect on others.

Judge Judy continues to develop her TV show, and be involved in many charities. While the book was free, at the end of the novel, Judge Judy writes,

"During my working life the public has been very good to me. This little tome is a small measure of gratitude for embracing not only the message but the messenger. But while
the book is free, I ask you for a bit of paying it forward. If you took away any useful advice from my effort, please make a donation to Stand Up To Cancer by going to
SU2C.org/Judy and giving today. Stand Up To Cancer is a groundbreaking initiative created to accelerate innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now."

There are no current plans for the 72 year old to retire, her contract just been extended until 2020, her earning over 47$ million per year. However, the book release feels to be at a good time, when people are still interested in learning more from a role model still considered "hot property."

What Would Judy Say? is available on many websites, free of charge. Some distribution will block visitors outside of the US, however, you will find a suitable link if you persist.