From the beginning of Season's recovery, she aimed to video her experiences best she could. At the time, her mother was still in Intensive Care, after her bowel had burst from a medication side effect. Her mother was going to miss a lot of milestones in Season's recent escape from her bubble, and she wanted to have evidence of them for her mother to enjoy later.

As the idea developed and Season began to think about what else she would record, then choosing to book interviews with those who had touched her life. Interview include: 

  • the specialists who discovered she had been misdiagnosed
  • social workers involved in rehabilitating Season into normal life
  • friends from high school
  • neighbours who saw the bubble being raided and labeled a crime scene
  • a witness to Season's original reactions that caused her isolation
  • Season's ex-boyfriend who lived in bubble life with her for a short time.

Currently Season is working on sharing these (and many other) videos via her YouTube channel and Patreon accounts. The links are below:

YouTube: SeasonThisThyme

Patreon: SeasonThisThyme
Patreon costs $4 a month for basic videos, and $10 for full interactivity.


Media and YouTube collaboration requests can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Sample footage playlist below. Click top left button  on the video window to bring up the menu of the multiple videos that can be viewed. Or let videos play through automatically.