Books by Season


Season is currently seeking a publishing contract for her books that document her life. There are 3 books on offer, all of which cover a different timeframe of her life as a bubble survivor and her long-awaited release.

The Bubble Forms
The first book of this series aims to be an explanation for what bubble life is like. It covers the first 8 years of her isolation, detailing how her family changed their family home and their own routines to give Season as much freedom as they could. The book describes the abuse that caused her to stop breathing the first time, and how it developed into a restrictive lifestyle she could not escape. It also introduces her side-kick, BrandLee, the anti-allergy dog and Connie the short-hair tabby who gave her meaning when nobody else was there to befriend her.

The book explores all areas of life and how they are affected by bubble life and the extremity of allergy-like symptoms.

Completion: 100%, ready for publication. 

The Bubble Expands
This sequel aims to cover the second decade of life in a bubble. By this stage, Season has become frustrated with the little freedom she has, and starts to challenge her own restrictions to deliver her a more fulfilling life. Her life expands to include new people, who have to battle to be accepted by Season's immune system, as well as her own issues that cause some fire and passion like few others. Her want of a career also becomes a major issue, as she decides using her computer through glass should bring her more than just a few videos to watch. She challenges the industries and education facilities to include her into their usual excluding principles. While doing all of this, she also becomes a skilled video gamer, but this soon causes a new set of difficulties for her. The book sets the scene of the long-term effects of isolation and what it can cause in a patient who becomes lethargic in their situation.

Completion: 35%

The Bubble Bursts
This final book shares the first four months after Season's misdiagnosis is discovered after 20 years, her situation causing a state of emergency and crime scene tape surrounding her bubble. Everyone suddenly wants to know about the girl in a mask that was forcibly taken to hospital, where the truth of her body is finally revealed. This book shares how Season rejoined the world, the challenges by professional care-workers, the people who helped her, and the people she met in the new world. Suddenly her life was filled with tasks and opportunities she had never imagined!

Completion: 80%

The final chapters cover the fine details that were missed and prevented her proper diagnosis, serving as a warning to others who might have the real condition she was finally informed of - Vocal Cord Dysfunction.



After volunteering as a Pet Grief counsellor for 3 years, Season is currently working on a book and program to assist people facing this type of trauma. She is interested in any publication interests that might be possible for this project.