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You're So Vain


I never thought I'd meet anyone with a personality so unappealing, yet so vain. A person who had left my life, who during after-thought I realised was not intended for me, lacked values, and had overall succumbed to the pitiful excuses others made for them. Yes, this was a powerless person who couldn't pay for my attention. That's what hurt him the most. Instead of realising he would never earn back someone like me, he spent his life pining, threatening to harm himself, or making others feel bad for him because he was incapable of change instead. We are a victim of the lies we tell ourselves. These fibs never change others, only who we are.

This ex had been out of my life for two years. He had only lasted as long as he did because it was a long-distance relationship and the failings of our combination wasn't tested sooner, nor was their enabling their dreadful family. If it had been a typical local relationship, I would have given it two months -- tops. Ignorance might have been bliss for him, but it only prolonged the inevitable for me.

The vanity I talk about is this ex believing he was the pivotal moment of my life that I may continue to pine for. No. He was a step in a ladder, where I was rising and he was stationary beneath my feet. His delusion of grandeur made him feel that my online content was written for his benefit, thanking me like it was a tribute to his memory. No, you weren't that special, honey. Multiple persons had crossed my life since, touching further into my heart and sparking my imagination much more. This is what stalking teases out of a person. It made him feel like he can re-capture the feelings lost, when all he's doing is speaking with ghosts. I'm not who I used to be. I'll never be who I used to be.

I was disinterested in niceties, warning that any further contact would warrant a report of his father's threat towards me a few months back. Did he hear about that? I believed not, as anyone who knew what had been threatened would know better than to try and re-unite each party involved in the tussle. Another man with delusions -- his father. Both were misleading themselves thinking I would ever return to their lives after the disgusting behaviour they had both displayed. Manipulators beyond typical understanding. Users.

I share this information as a protective measure for both myself and others. Should there be discussion or targeting towards me from either of these people, I ask people report these details to me so they can be passed onto authorities. Many thanks.

Remember, bullying and stalking is a federal offence, particularly through online portals where evidence can be screenshot or downloaded. These behaviours can be punishable by a court of law. 

Photo: Brisbane, 2020

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