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Two Weeks To Go


Less than 2 weeks to go. It's amazing how quickly time can burn through when you have so much to do. It's almost like time is spare when we have nothing to do, but sparse when we have everything to do. I think Einstein was incorrect with his analogy of time.

Yesterday I met with Onkaparinga Council Environmental sector with their media representatives to discuss the launch party and its potential results. I hadn't seen the Environmental team for some time, as it's been 4 years since I've needed their assistance. While I waited for the female counterpart, I tried to remember where I'd been in my journey the last time we'd met. Had I grown much since she saw me? When she walked up and appeared stunned, I realised that I must have changed a lot. She gushed over me like a long-lost aunt, which in a way, she was.

The male counterpart had the same reaction when he entered the meeting room. I'd not seen him for 4.5 years, except once when I ran into his family at the Royal show. He seemed just as shocked when he saw me. All grown up. That's what they'd seen. Instead of a delicate little girl, with barely any idea of what she wanted to do, or how to do it, they were looking on a grown lady, who was confident and very capable of achieving what she aimed for. Their mental image of me had completely transformed.

As we sat in the meeting, they told me the inside scoop of what their job had really entailed. They had moved mountains to protect me -- even more than I'd known. I was now privileged to the inner workings of their welfare checks, heavy paperwork, and indignance to transform the house before I was allowed to inhabit it.

As they described their parts in complete detail, I realised they were like family members to me. I'd known them first, their taking my best interests at heart, advising me on legal and health protocols to improve the house and tear down the bubble, they had acknowledged my mental health and how they had to approach me, and they'd even remembered the tiny details that a family member would. The woman reminisced that the first time I'd met them I had raved about being able to eat pumpkin again, having only tinned vegetables for so many years. She had remembered something I hadn't. When she shared this story, I felt like this was such a child thing to say, then realising that I must have grown a lot to recognise this.

The meeting was opportunity to share notes with them as the adult I now was, with reflection, and free of grudges, misunderstandings, and child-like simple thoughts getting in the way of a greater knowing. We laughed over the anecdotes; all the times I'd done something unexpected or unconventional.

It was like closure, which was nice. They handed me image evidence of the world I'd once known and it felt like so long ago. Five years, which felt like a decade or more distant. It felt like a teenage-hood that I'd left long ago. Was I going to start aging like everyone else now, or would I always be on catch-up mode? I guess I'll find out later. 

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