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YouTube footage is complete for the week, and Patreon material almost ready. All of the materials are ready for the big reveal to the world, via the Sunday papers. Then, the next day, the Onkaparinga Now newspaper.

Am I ready for it? Yes. Am I prepared for what might happen? Never. How can we ever prepare when we know things are going to change dramatically almost overnight. Already my world has changed and I'm still catching up with it. My days have gone from hoping to find something unique to do, to having videos or music to write and produce. Creativity has replaced routine; hope over boredom. As much as I've achieved in the world, I began to feel I'd finished everything within my grasp. Now, there's a whole new playing field where I determine what the game involves.

Once I was afraid to film videos on my new camera, but as I record more, I find myself losing this fear. Instead, I'm inspired, ready to set my thoughts forward, hoping others will take them and share their own. The idea of doing it right -- or being right -- are only illusions, when the vision I feel is that I want to inspire discussion in society. And this is where I start from.

In the coming months, I know I'll be busy creating content for my channels, fielding queries, taking interviews, and developing music and (hopefully) new trends on YouTube. Very exciting work. 

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