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NEW Videos and Editorial

It's the first week of the media launch, the first few days after the party I threw at the hotel for many of my close friends, family and professionals that helped me along the way. We celebrated my five years of freedom. Yep, it's been five years in the real world.   Social Media accounts have been developed and released, including ​​ YouTube...
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Finally Social

YouTube footage is complete for the week, and Patreon material almost ready. All of the materials are ready for the big reveal to the world, via the Sunday papers. Then, the next day, the Onkaparinga Now newspaper. Am I ready for it? Yes. Am I prepared for what might happen? Never. How can we ever prepare when we know things are going to change dra...
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Beyond Tired

There needs to be a word beyond 'tired' and 'exhausted', but one that denotes satisfied tired or happily exhausted. Yet, still highlights a sense of feeling the extremes of worn out. Launch party has left me feeling just that. During the evening my nerves kept me alert, active and prepared for any problem-solving, only there didn't seem to be a nee...
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That's Tonight?!

It's now hours from the launch party and I'm getting nervous. The powerpoints are complete, music rehearsed and musicians prepared, guest speakers arranged, speeches written, guests RSVP'ed, and a bunch of decorations going into the function rooms. Yes, this is really happening. It really is tonight. I haven't even chosen what to wear and already i...
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Closing In

Sometimes we see life as this novel that never ends. But really, it's the chapters that help us divide where we are in the plot, what we feel about the characters, and what we'd like to happen in the further sections. This is how life has developed for me lately. I'm sitting right on the last page of the previous chapter, about to start the new cha...
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Take A Deep Breath

Ever had to give someone the most unexpected news and found your tongue wrapped into itself? Yep, that's how I felt. Here I was, about to call a journalist who had no idea what I'd been through the last five years, waiting to know why I had called. In my brain it sounded like, "Ijustwantedtotellyouaboutmylifeanditchanged!" The words began from my m...
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Two Weeks To Go

Less than 2 weeks to go. It's amazing how quickly time can burn through when you have so much to do. It's almost like time is spare when we have nothing to do, but sparse when we have everything to do. I think Einstein was incorrect with his analogy of time. Yesterday I met with Onkaparinga Council Environmental sector with their media representati...
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Launching Hope

I grew up a planner. Always planned things to every detail, ready to handle any set-backs. When you have a life in a bubble, you have the luxury of time to do so. However, in the real world, plans are never completely cooked. Sometimes they are completely crazy when we realise the limited time we might have. And sometimes God throws this huge curve...
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Old Patterns, New Inspirations

Sometimes they tell you the Lord is doing his best work, but often it feels like He's on his lunch break. You try and move forward, find a new distraction, only to find yourself stuck in a rut. You try and include new people, new routines, new habits, and new ventures. No, it didn't move anything. We either change, wait to be changed, or never chan...
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Transitional Pull

As humans, we have patterns. We find it hard to change, hard to amend and sometimes when we need to alter our responses most -- during our triggers -- we fall into automatic reactions that just make our situation worse. It's normally when we need to try something new that we fall into these old patterns.  Of late, I've had to determine what my...
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New Options

If life could go only forwards, it would be easier -- but would it be as intentional? That's the question I'm asking myself today as it feels everything I planned six months ago had spun in a different direction. New information, new arrangements and new thoughts. How did I get here!? Where is God sending me next? Six months ago I chose to start un...
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Sudden Friends

Some experiences never get easy, it seems. Mostly the ones that are heart-charged or mentally draining. Sometimes it's the combination of the two. As if one of these segments of self being injured isn't enough! Today was one of those days. I returned to the church ex invited me to, after two weeks of isolation. Normally I avoid ex's as it's too har...
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All Things Must Come To An End

It's been a long time since I've written, and that's partially because I was off having a normal life, where it didn't feel very eventful. However, fate -- or whatever you believe in -- has a humourous way of changing things quickly, and we are back where we started, only slightly advanced. My job as an SSO ended due to funding, with three of us ha...
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I'm back!

After much deliberation, I've decided I'm ready to share my life again. There's been a lot of soul-searching while I've been gone, and now I'm prepared to highlight how far I've progressed based on where I started.  So much has changed!
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Circuit Breaker

Day one of "circuit breaking," which is the political coined phrase for "we need to hit the reset so all Adelaide residents are going to stay home unless absolutely necessary." The idea didn't offend me. The virus can spread so rapidly, and even I was in several situations where I could have been exposed. One was a service provider whose partn...
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Dear Church

​Dear Pastor and church friends, It's time to talk about some things that I need you to be aware of. Maybe your help will give me options, but at this point I think I have to leave you. This is the full story – unedited – and I share it because I need protection and understanding when I disappear. Some of you know some of this story, but this ...
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The Big Day

I know many women consider their big day to be a wedding, but for me, performing for a live audience was the most special occasion of my life. Must be calm, I thought. Don't let myself get psyched out. Nerves are fine, but not if they were to erode any ability I had with shaking fingers, rapid breath or sweaty palms. And successfully I kept my nerv...
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King of Hearts or King of Spades?

​Relationships are Iike a hand of cards: do you hold or fold? How do we determine which? Do we keep a strict rule of writing at a certain combination, or should we gamble and hang in there? We aim to become psychic, trying to foretell what may or may not happen.  This is where I am in my own relationship. Things seem to be improving, only a su...
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When Addictions Win

Unfortunately, lessons in life are often lost or ignored. They are wasted on some. While we might love or befriend that person, but if we cover their mistakes forever their lesson will continue to be ignored. It was this understanding I had trouble facing this week, but I knew I couldn't ignore my own lessons. Thursday morning, I was at Artie's. So...
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Adra Cafe

​This evening should be a fun experience, as it was last Thursday. I began to donate time to something new, and it brought me new opportunities, excitement and inspiration. ADRA Cafe is run by our church. It's an initiative where food is prepared for homeless and low income earners who could use a home-cooked meal. It's a program run by several chu...
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