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Medicine Without a Bottle

In society there is a belief that everything has a cure. Take this pill, do this activity or be this type and everything will be okay. Have tough skin and you'll survive. Don't talk about it and you'll get over it. This isn't really the case, is it? One such friend had this issue. Their family was the out of sight, out of mind types. There wasn't a...
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Community Centred

Socialising is not as easy as it seems sometimes, with society made up of so many pockets that have their own culture, ways of doing things, and individual things to know about each person and how they communicate. It could take a lifetime to earn these slices of knowledge, or it might never happen. As I venture further away from the bubble and dee...
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Old Patterns, New Inspirations

Sometimes they tell you the Lord is doing his best work, but often it feels like He's on his lunch break. You try and move forward, find a new distraction, only to find yourself stuck in a rut. You try and include new people, new routines, new habits, and new ventures. No, it didn't move anything. We either change, wait to be changed, or never chan...
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Transitional Pull

As humans, we have patterns. We find it hard to change, hard to amend and sometimes when we need to alter our responses most -- during our triggers -- we fall into automatic reactions that just make our situation worse. It's normally when we need to try something new that we fall into these old patterns.  Of late, I've had to determine what my...
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Defining Honour

The word 'honour' appears so many times in the bible, in many contexts. It appears in wedding vows. Yet, this popular word doesn't seem to translate to today's relationships often. Of all the relationships I've been in, only one honoured who I was. He was there for me when my baby (fluffly little dog) died, he was my best friend for years before th...
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Spiritual Marriage

And like that, 2020 ended, leaving us with hopes that the new year would be different. One month in, and it is for me. Funnily enough, none of it has anything to do with COVID, but by being baptised. Amusingly, when people told me it would change my life, I didn't actually believe it. How could one day make a huge difference in my life? Why would I...
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Almost Shifted

Less than a fortnight until baptism. It's a pivotal moment in life. Soon I'll be officially God's and the temptations are going to disappear -- right? Yeah, if only it worked that way. Over the last several weeks, it's been a trying time. Things haven't gone to plan, temptations afoot, and my greatest challenges have been in the forefront. Some bel...
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God Vs. Him

Breakups are like bruises. The first few days you feel surging with power. You have energy to pack their things away, remove their photos from your phone, and with gusto assert you were the wronged party. But then, as days forge on, the marks appear, and you realise the extent of the damage. Some people believe that relationships are easy come, eas...
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White Rabbit Returns

Lately it feels like life has not given me the right direction -- the plans I make are refusing to stick -- but it's afforded me clarity on many things. Places in my heart I need to search for, things I need to achieve, and where my skillset needs polishing. The best laid plans can always be disrupted, however, the alternate journey might be more u...
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