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NEW Videos and Editorial

20220714_13453_20220720-012558_1 New life has started!

It's the first week of the media launch, the first few days after the party I threw at the hotel for many of my close friends, family and professionals that helped me along the way. We celebrated my five years of freedom. Yep, it's been five years in the real world.  
Social Media accounts have been developed and released, including ​​YouTube and Patreon, both named under Seasonthisthyme. Twitter has also become a regular hang-out, under the username Seasontoday1.

Firstly came the video to describe and introduce what the YouTube channel would involve for viewers. See attached video. 

The videos listed under YouTube this week were the starting points of the content I wish to create. These included beginning the series, Rough Cuts, where I document and commentate the early videos I took when fresh out of the bubble. My commentary includes little snippets of information not widely known. The first version of Rough Cuts has been placed onto the YouTube, with 2 others available for Patreon tier 2 and 3 users.

Patreon includes additional Rough Cuts episodes.

Rough Cuts 2: The Renovations
The renovation of Mum's room for her to return from her long hospital stay. Required me to learn new skills and challenge myself to complete it.
Rough Cuts 3: Return to the Bubble
After two weeks I return to the bubble to face its condition after cleaning, but also to consider how it could be changed and how to navigate the process. Includes description of how the bubble became so detrimental to health.

My YouTube channel also included the 2-part series of my stay at an Adelaide hotel. My 'holiday' didn't go to plan on several fronts, the second part sharing how it was amended as an analysis of customer service and the differences between hotel room price ranges.

Press activity

Brad Crouch, of the Sunday Mail, attended the launch party and accepted the option to debut my update. He was the journalist behind the 2005 expose into how bubble life was for me.

When I called him recently to update him and suggest he cover the story, he was overwhelmed to say the least. I invited him to my launch to assist in tracing the journey, but also gaining quotes from professionals and confidantes who spoke on my behalf. Crouch's new article was published in the Sunday Mail ​and connecting publications this weekend. It can be seen on the Articles page of this website.

The online version of the story included one of my older videos, that celebrated the first year anniversary, now a distant four years ago.

​The Sunday Mail/Advertiser took many wonderful images, which will be placed both below and in the photo album section of this website tomorrow. Their instagram image was particularly insightful, including comments from my content.

The Onkaparinga Now article that released on Monday included a photo of the council workers who assisted in my transformation from naive bubble girl to full-fledged woman. They were instrumental in the resources I now have in posession. The media team were very supportive, their article a good encapsulation of the events that have taken place.

Article here and listed in the Articles section of this website. Special thanks to Onkaparinga Council for their support. Love you all x

The highlight of these events -- besides celebrating all that has been achieved by all involved -- was reading the comments of the readers. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter lit up with so many positive comments. One commenter asked if my mother had created my illness via Mauchausin by Proxy. They apologised when I explained that there were many times we tried to approach other medical professionals, but at the time, Zoom was not a thing, and there was little support for housebound patients. Going into the media I knew this would be a question and in a way appreciated this being asked early on so it could go on record what my response was.

The 7 days following launched wrapped up with an interview from FiveAA with Leon Byner. 

As we get to the middle of the week, I'm planning the next round of videos, editing older footage, and preparing for the next media event that happens.

Finally Social