About Season

Below is a collection of articles that were written about Season, from most recent to oldest writing. Click the links to read the content. 

Adelaide Advertiser (2007)

Thylazine (2006)

War Cry (2006)

Woman UK (2006)

DeKalb Daily Chronicle (2006)

Sunday Mail (2005)

Tell Magazine (2005)

DeKalb Daily Chronicle (2005)


Season's Articles

In previous years, Season wrote articles and researched the world she wished to belong to. She began a website,, where she shared these articles for discussion from her readers. The articles have now been placed here, to become a bank of her work over the years.

Her most recent article initiative (TBA) shares the stories of others with disabilities that inspire. Some of the tales include those who have a skill at finding humour in their journeys.


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