Photos from Season's Life

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01 Where it all began. A little girl was born to a newly married couple, ready to face the fate God had planned her. 01 Age 6. At Christmas party at Dad's workp
01 Age 7. Styling with the 80s fringe, thick glasses and the worst colour for my complexion 01 Age 14, keen to start my life as a teenager, moving into adult decisions, such as future university choices, styles, and exploring the world with friends.
One of the ooms of the bubble. This was a "living room" after cleaning and light creation in a once dark, mouldy, barren space. Yet to buy furniture, flooring or adequate furnishings. 01 In the bubble. Unable to eat much, I lost a lot of weight. I was down to a 26 inch waist, compared to a 36 inch waist now. Hair was shaved because I didn't have the energy to wash or brush my long hair anymore.
First week out of hospital. Face still swollen from medication over the years; pale skin and dark circles under eyes from years of malnourishment. 22b Moving into government housing. It was a one-bedroom dream for me. No more mold or restrictions, and I didn't have to share with anyone. Finally I had one place that was all mine, to arrange however I wanted. In the next year or two I filled it with more things.
23 One year out of isolation and in abusive relationships. Felt very pressured and became bullimic with coaching from a significant other. The girl from the bubble just didn't feel like she belonged outside. 25 Escaping the abusive relationship, I had a bout of anger and sadness regarding the disappointments in life. I became recluse, spending much of my time running away on buses.
29 Zebra hair! Just so I could say I did. 3211 2022. A year of movement, development and cementing who I am. I always said I would never do blue, but then realised whenever I say 'never' I'm inclined to try. Never is such a restrictive word!
3213 A year out of the bubble. I was still so fascinated with the world that every day felt like a brand new, exciting adventure. Still so much to see that was foreign to me. 3214 ''Emo'' experimenting while trying to find who I was pre-COVID. Became a part of who I am today. I wanted to express my creative side and highlight that I couldn't be like other people -- my life just didn't go like theirs.
36 On one of my bus trips. It was a heart-breaking day that ended a close relationship after many months of abuse. I knew it was right to escape, but had no idea what to do next. I took buses for weeks trying to discover what to put my energies into next.  39 After my bus addiction. I felt much better about myself and had enjoyed a few months of singleness and finding my own power. Weeks before I got baptised. My path was interwoven with what God wanted for me.
01 Performing at the Adelaide Convention Centre. This lead to courage to sing at my church, host and MC the launch party, and become a better public speaker. Thank you to the MAD Pride 2018 team <3 40 Makeover by my step-sister. She LOVED making me her fashion model for the day. It's cool, but THICK makeup!