Season, 41, was placed in medical isolation for 20 years, doctors stating she had a respiratory condition that could kill her. For many years she lived a strict regime of house alterations, diet changes, and lifestyle limits, in the effort of avoiding a deadly reaction, where she would be unable to breath for prolonged periods of time. The original specialist stated it was Chemical Sensitivity, offering no referrals or assistance, other than telling her to "go home and wait to die." Season contacted the doctor multiple times, stating the medication wasn't working, and she was struggling to breathe. The specialist stated her had nothing for her, and all she could do was wait until one of these attacks ended her life. He had nothing more to do for her.

While in isolation, Season graduated from online tertiary studies to become a qualified counsellor, gaining recognition with the Australian Counselling Association. She was one of the first people to press the industry to open up to online counselling and online supervision and professional development opportunities. Her colleagues saw her as someone they could learn from, including the key points of living in isolation and with limited resources. One salvation in isolation was her music, which she now uses to connect to the world she is newly acquainted with. Her mother had always encouraged her artsy side, always happy to listen to the millionth rendition of Pretty Fly for a White Guy or When You Say Nothing At All while caring for Season during isolation. 

In July, 2017, Season's life changed forever. Her mother was rushed to hospital with a perforated bowel, requiring emergency surgery. (Her father and brother had left the year before, stating they no longer wanted to have a sick daughter/sister.) Season was now alone in her bubble, unsure how she would get food, pay bills, or remain sane, with her very ill mother unable to be there for her. It was finally bought to the attention of the welfare departments the severity of Season's health and situation, despite her family attempting to get assistance earlier. 

Two days later, Season saw uniformed professionals breaking into the garage. She went to the glass communication panel her mother had created to demand what they were doing. The police and ambulance persons seemed to multiply as time went on, becoming more insistent that Season was to attend the hospital in her respirator mask. She refused, seeing only risk to her life occurring, until a senior police officer forced Season to go. They had removed her right of choice and forced her to go with them. They shielded her eyes from the six police cars, three ambulances, crime scene vans, and detectives cars that lined her street. It was only later Season was told that her house had been deemed a crime scene that morning and she'd had no option but to go to the hospital. Detectives met with Season after she had been admitted to Emergency, their finally sharing the accusations made against her family.

Despite her insistence of what she remembered of the doctor's diagnosis when she was sixteen, she faced interrogations, house searches, all the doors of the house broken down, her items tested for illegal materials, and psychiatric testing. It was after this Season was given the news that she didn't have chemical sensitivity and that the original specialist's diagnosis was incorrect. Now she was being diagnosed with Vocal Cord Dysfunction, a post-traumatic condition that is very manageable, Season could now have a normal life. 

 Since her 2017 release, Season has been challenged to learn what the world is like, and where she fits in. Through her blog, website, YouTube, Patreon, future book and music, she wishes to share what bubble life is really like and how her re-introduction in the world has affected so many people in her city of Adelaide, South Australia. She currently works in support work, supporting young people with health conditions that require additional encouragement, inspiration and empowerment. 



Season is no stranger to the media. In 2005, the Sunday Mail and connected press featured a story about her surviving in a bubble. She also graced the cover of War Cry magazine and was featured in Thylazine. There were offers to appear on a TV program, but she declined due to the limitations of her having visitors. Now those restrictions have lifted, she wishes to pursue those opportunities. However, she did speak on a Canberra radio station and an independent Internet radio station.

Season's greatest goal is to publish her books about her own life, as well as other subjects she is interested in. Her 3 book series about living in isolation and her adventures rejoining the world are eagerly awaiting a publishing contract.

As a Christian, she also shares her story from a religious point of view, sharing how her faith affected her previous life, and how it gained her much discrimination and pain from others.

Seasontoday.net is the hub of Season's new life outside. She shares with her readers how she is now living a contrasting life to her old existence. Read about her trials, challenges, and victories in her blog, which follows on from the end of the third book in her trilogy. Video, photos and sounds enrich the blog that deserves to be more than a brief documentation. The blog ties in all the other facets of Season's life, which are shown on this website. The launch of the new website coincides with her performance at the Convention Centre in Adelaide for the 2018 Mad Pride concert.


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The articles directly below cover the condition of VCD (Vocal Cord Dysfunction), and how it can affect every day life. This condition has only been researched and "discovered" since 2002, however, there is historical evidence it existed as another name early in the 1900s. Recent studies have shown that many who have asthma have actually been misdiagnosed and instead should be treated for VCD. One article even theorises that VCD could be the cause of some instances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. In 2019, another study will be commencing in South Australia, which Season has been invited to consult on.


VCD or vocal cord spasms connected to SIDS: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-03-potential-genetic-link-sudden-infant.html


Dormant VCD vs. Activated VCD (ie, patient during a VCD attack)




Season is always keen to read emails from her followers. She welcomes those affected by her work to offer their thoughts. She can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..